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Short Stories & Flash Fiction:

2. The Warring States: Seskatch or How We Know It’s Different, Fleas on the Dog, Issue 9, July 2021

3. (Vipassana?), Ligeia Magazine, Summer Issue, July 2021

4. The Warring States: Ptolemaic Code, Corner Bar Magazine, Freifaxi Issue, August 2021

5. India Incomplete, Idle Ink, September 2021

6. The Warring States: The Rhyming Slang and Codes of the Big Stone Gap, Sledgehammer Literary Journal, September 2021

7. Rig Veda Toodaloo, Sledgehammer Literary Journal, October 2021

8. One Way, Return, streetcake magazine, November 2021

9. Stingy, Questionable Violets, The Birdseed, December 2021

10. Conversations with the Emperor: The Offering, New Maps, .pdf version for purchase from the publisher: Winter 2022

11. Half the Ghost, Fairlight Shorts, May 2022

12. The Warring States: Autonomy, New Maps, .pdf version for purchase from the publisher: Summer 2022

13. The Warring States: A Wealth of Choices, Chrome Baby, December 2022

14. This Morning I Work Up in Another Country, Ocotillo Review, Issue 7.1, hardcopy for purchase, February 2023

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1. Multi-lingual Puzzles

  • 中-日-韓 CJK1 Crossword
  • Français-Deutsch-Gàidhlig Crossword

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