Anthony St. George is a happy denizen of San Francisco. His writing and other creative outlets stem from his encounters with humans, flora, fauna, geological forms, and architectural structures around the world. Anthony has had the good fortune to travel broadly and to live in Canada, Taiwan, and Korea. He earned his Ph.D. in Chinese and Korean language, history, and culture from Harvard University before embarking on a career developing international partnerships throughout Asia and Europe for MIT and the UC Berkeley College of Engineering.  While Anthony’s earliest publishing credits are non-fiction, his current focus is on fiction.

孫安濤博士居住於舊金山。 孫博士的寫作和創作源自於與世界各地的人、植物、動物、地質形態和建築結構的接觸。 孫博士早年遊歷四方,並曾旅居加拿大、台灣和韓國。 他擁有哈佛大學的中國和韓國文學、歷史與文化博士學位,並為麻省理工學院和加州大學伯克萊分校工程學院工作多年,致力為二校在亞洲和歐洲發展國際合作夥伴關係。孫博士早期的作品為敍事散文,今專注於小說之創作。

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