Multi-Lingual Puzzles

1. Français/Deutsch/Gàidhlig
FDG1 Crossword:
Slang Salad

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© 2022 A. St. George

2. 中-日-韓 CJK1 Crossword:
Dreams and Experience

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Writers, Artists, Friends, Sundry


+ Brian Klingborg, Author of Lu Fei China mystery series and other writings on China, martial arts, and illegal wildlife trade.

+ Matthew Baker, Speculative and experimental fiction

+ Come From Away – Dr. Marielle Risse Author, Professor, Oman and the Middle East

+ Indigenous Voices Awards: Books by indigenous authors

+ Indigenous Writers Resources – Francine Cunningham: Indigenous Literary Magazines, Contests, Publishing Houses, and Opportunities

Literary Magazines:

+ New Maps Deindustrial Fiction Print Magazine

+ Woven Tale Press Literary and Fine Arts Community and Online Magazine

+ Split Lip Magazine Short form Literary Online Magazine

+ Streetcake Magazine Experimental Writing and Graphic Poetry

+ Ploughshares Always solid

+ McSweeney’s Stimulating, Creative

+ New England Review Strong fiction and poetry


+ Information design and digital photography by Robin Marlowe (studioroma.com)

+ Artist Statement Generator: Instant artist statements to suit all your requirement | artybollocks generator

+ The Global Engineer | The Dado and Maria Banatao GLOBE Center (berkeley.edu)

+ Misery Tourism (Sardonic Contemporary Role-Playing Games)


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